[javaee-spec users] Re: Wish-List for EE 8

From: Kevin Sutter <>
Date: Wed, 14 Aug 2013 10:40:49 -0500

Hi Arun,
The version tag for the javax.faces needs to be 2.2, not 2.2.0


Maven doesn't know about the 2.2.0 version, but it does know how to
process the 2.2 version.

-- Kevin

From: Arun Gupta <>
Cc: Kevin Sutter/Rochester/IBM_at_IBMUS
Date: 08/12/2013 09:04 PM
Subject: [javaee-spec users] Re: Wish-List for EE 8

Hi Kevin,

Fixed javax.servlet package.

I realized javax.faces is already 2.2.0 as shown in:

Is this version need to be updated some where else ?


On 8/8/13 6:39 AM, Kevin Sutter wrote:
Back to the thread discussing the Java EE 7 artifacts... The information
on this page (
needs a couple of updates...

The version for the javax.servlet package should be 3.1.0 (not 3.1).

The version for the javax.faces package should be 2.2 (not 2.2.0).

I don't have authority to update this Maven Coordinate page. Can somebody
correct these two entries? Thank you.

-- Kevin Sutter

Bill Shannon <> wrote on 07/19/2013 06:38:28 PM:

> From: Bill Shannon <>
> To:,
> Date: 07/19/2013 06:39 PM
> Subject: [javaee-spec users] Re: Wish-List for EE 8
> arjan tijms wrote on 07/19/13 13:55:
> Hi,
> On Fri, Jul 19, 2013 at 9:31 PM, Arun Gupta <>
> I updated the page at:
> to describe all the Java EE 7 maven coordinates.
> That's a convenient overview! :) On that page it can be seen that
> the GA pattern is mostly:
> groupId = javax.[keyword]
> artifactId = javax.[keyword]-api
> JPA, CDI, Bean Validation and Batch use a different pattern. Batch
> is quite close, but for some reason has "-annotation" instead of "-
> api" in the artifactID. Bean Validation is also close, but doesn't
> have its artifactId starting with "javax" (why?)
> JPA and CDI have rather different names.
> We hope to fix JPA soon and publish a correctly named API jar file.
> CDI is in a tough position because, unlike almost all the other
> specs, there's no single Java package that corresponds to CDI. What
> we came up with for CDI is a compromise.

> A few not listed also have rather different names, e.g. JASPIC:
> groupId:
> artifactId: jaspic.provider.framework
> Some APIs don't follow the pattern because we didn't update the API
> for EE 7. Some are just mistakes. All things considered, there's a
> large amount of consistency there. We even created a Maven plugin
> that checks an API jar file to ensure that it's following the rules.