[javaee-spec users] Re: Properties files in javax.servlet-api jar are not present in javaee-api jar?

From: Bill Shannon <>
Date: Wed, 21 Aug 2013 20:46:53 -0700

It's intentional.

The API jar files are only intended for compiling against.
You don't need for compiling.

You'll find more information here: wrote on 08/21/2013 05:45 PM:
> The javaee-api-7.0.jar doesn't appear to include
> file (and its variants), even
> though the javax.servlet classes use these resources. At any rate this
> is true of the javaee-api-7.0 jars I've obtained via Maven or otherwise
> downloaded (e.g.
> In contrast all of the javax.servlet-api-3.1.0.jar archives that I've
> found do include these properties files (and similarly have a
> package.html file within javax.servlet that isn't present in the
> javaee-api jar).
> Same is true of at least some other APIs (e.g. javax.faces) - the
> individual API's jar includes properties files etc but the javaee-api
> jar is purely the class files on their own.
> Is this intentional for some reason, or a mistake?