[javaee-spec users] [jsr342-experts] results from community survey

From: Linda DeMichiel <>
Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2012 12:50:47 -0800

The results from our survey to the community are in, and Reza has
been kind enough to summarize them and capture quite a few of the
representative comments in the attached document.

I'd like to highlight some of the results:

The community agrees with us on the inclusion of the new JSRs into the
full platform and into the Web Profile. We hope that we will be able
to include JCache and the Concurrency Utilities JSR as well.

The community strongly supports enabling CDI by default.
As you've seen in his recent message to the group,,
Pete has proposed a change to CDI to support this. We support his
efforts and anticipate that this will be included in Java EE 7.

There is agreement that using @Inject wherever possible is a good
idea, even though we will need to make some exceptions and will need
to support the legacy usage of other annotations (where we would have
chosen to use @Inject instead today).

A significant majority of the respondents think that we should expand
the use of @Stereotype, even though this hasn't been supported by the
CDI EG and thus won't be included in Java EE 7. We plan to revisit
this in Java EE 8, as we try to find a way to support a stereotype-like
facility without the conflict with CDI stereotypes.

An overwhelming majority support the expansion of interceptors to all
Java EE components, which we have now standardized on as well, as
described in my recent message,

Please give yourselves a pat on the back :-)