[javaee-spec users] Re: [jsr342-experts] Re: Modularization Framework/SPI

From: Pete Muir <>
Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2012 13:31:19 +0100

On 25 Jul 2012, at 01:06, Craig Ringer wrote:

> On 07/24/2012 09:27 PM, Reza Rahman wrote:
>> You are absolutely correct in that CDI is quite progressive with regards to extensibility and pluggability into non-Java EE runtimes. I am actually concerned about pluggability/upgradability within Java EE runtimes. This could be as simple as a bootstrap API/configuration mechanism to choose between multiple available implementations in the current class-loader, much like JPA and Bean Validation (and to some degree JSF/JAX-RS) allows.
> Please, no.
> Allow CDI to be a locked and bolted in fixed part of the server.

I would agree. I would prefer to concentrate on improving the CDI spec, so that the differences between CDI implementations are less, than on making CDI pluggable, which will require a lot of SPIs adding to EJB, and some to other specs like JAX-WS and JSF.