[javaee-spec users] [jsr342-experts] Re: Improved Credential and SSL Configuration for EE 7

From: Markus Eisele <>
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2012 08:50:59 +0200

Hi all,

I don't know if we finally reached an agreement on the "how" here but
I would love to open this up again a little more.
With respect to a blog post by Craig Ringer this morning and also
Antonio's thoughts from mid 2011.

The configuration topic pops up more frequently and with the SSL
configuration we just hit the same topic ourselves.

Is there any chance to pull the Java EE configuration into the EE 7 scope?

What's your opinion on "deployment overlays" as outlined by the JBoss
AS7 team in this pull request: ?

I would actually love to see both aspects:
- A general configuration approach as outlined by Craig (Preferences
API constrained for Java EE applications) and a
- standardized deployment overlay mechanism

in EE 7.

- M