[javaee-spec users] [jsr342-experts] Social Media Use cases for JPA

From: Werner Keil <>
Date: Mon, 23 Jan 2012 19:56:37 +0100

Dear Experts,

Following the presentation on the soon proposed Java Social JSR I provided
the EC about 2 weeks ago, another Social Media presentation by a friend and
co-speaker at the PHP UG Meeting in Frankfurt also showed interesting

While Facebook's FQL (
doesn't seem like a real standard, the wide adoption of Facebook and its
large user base at least makes it a common quasi-standard (like Spring for

Take 2 examples from Stephan's (German, here for the somewhat significant
German-speakers in the EG: slides.


Or a sub-select:

The syntax is almost identical to SQL or other query languages oriented on
it. So while e.g. Twitter has more relations with e.g. JMS (some JCP
members actively involved in CDI already wrote a JMS Bridge for it!) this
looks like it may present a fascinating new use case for JPA.

Potentially alongside JAXB or JAX-RS bound and generated objects, which I
know, EclipseLink already supports for a round trip XML to DB persistence

What do you think?
If anybody has interest in this area, and would like to join the Initial EG
or Support the soon to be filed Social JSR (we target Social Media Week mid
February, providing the PMO and Patrick enough time to file the Merge JSR
first[?]) please let me know.

One idea worth thinking about is whether or not other profiles for the Java
Enterprise stack may exist for EE7 or 8 and beyond? Beside the often
tightly connected PaaS or Cloud complex, something like a "Social Profile"
(there are several candidates, JAXB, JAX-RS, Identity or JSON JSRs just to
name the most likely) could be discussed, too.

Glassfish already had Social sub-projects earlier while still at Sun, and
with *DaliCore *a new Social addition is just started. One project also
contributing to Java Social and among proposed initial EG Members.

Kind Regards,
 Werner Keil | JCP Executive Committee Member (ME) | Designated Social JSR
Co-Spec Lead
 Twitter @wernerkeil | #Java_Social | #EclipseUOMo | #OpenDDR
Skype werner.keil | Google+
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* Social Media Week: February 13-17 2012, Hamburg, Germany. Werner Keil, JCP
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* Mobile Developer Conference: February 14 2012, Hamburg, Germany. Werner
Keil, JCP EC (ME) Member, OpenDDR Evangelist will present "OpenDDR"

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