[jsr366-experts] Re: Compatibility Problems with MR Resource Annotation Widening

From: Jason Greene <jason.greene_at_redhat.com>
Date: Thu, 5 Mar 2015 16:45:34 -0600

> On Mar 5, 2015, at 4:19 PM, Bill Shannon <bill.shannon_at_oracle.com> wrote:
> Show me.
> I have a CDI bean that's @Injected in to a servlet, and the CDI bean declares
> @Resource injected fields. The fields are injected into the bean and the bean
> is injected into the servlet. It works fine.

Create a Base.java:

public class Base {

  @Resource(name="java:module/env/myresource", lookup="java:comp/DefaultDataSource")
  DataSource ds;

Then an SLSB:

public class SLSB {
  @Inject Base base;

  public void setup() {
      System.out.println("========= BASE is = " + base.ds);

  public void doSomething() throws Exception {
      System.out.println("========= BASE is = " + base.ds);

Package them up in an ejb jar.

I get null (using the EE7 RI update 1).

It certainly could work, but only if you *know* Base.java is a CDI managed. To use an example, if there was an @Veteod on Base, it should not work.

Jason T. Greene
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