[jsr342-experts] Re: Java EE 8 JSR

From: Linda DeMichiel <linda.demichiel_at_oracle.com>
Date: Wed, 21 May 2014 12:26:55 -0700

Wow! Is is great to see the enthusiasm here! Thanks!!

However, it looks like I should clarify what I am asking for
at this point, and what we expect the process to be.

As of right now, I am only asking whether your company (or you as an
individual) wants to be listed as "Supporting this JSR" when we
submit it to the JCP this summer.

We're not forming an expert group yet, and won't be until after the
JSR is officially posted and approved. Once that happens, we expect
to use the standard JCP processes for adding experts. That is, once
the JSR is posted on the JCP web site, if you'd like to join the new
expert group, please use the "I would like to join this Expert Group"
link on the JSR page to submit your nomination. The JCP PMO will then
validate your nomination against their list of current JSPA
signatories and then pass it on to us.

Once we get to the expert group formation stage, I'll post here
again, and let you all know.

thanks again,


On 5/20/14 4:52 PM, Linda DeMichiel wrote:
> Fellow Java EE Experts,
> We've now completed a fairly lengthy process of surveying the
> community, evaluating the input we've received, and assessing our own
> goals for the next release of the Java EE Platform.
> The current draft of the JSR for the Java EE 8 Platform that we plan
> to submit to the JCP is attached below. Those of you who have been
> tracking our work with our Java EE 8 community survey will likely find
> this very consistent with the feedback that we received.
> We would like to know if your company would like to be listed as a
> supporter of this JSR when we submit it to the JCP. For those of you
> who are individual members of this expert group, please let me know if
> you would like to be listed as an individual supporting the JSR.
> Our plan is to submit this JSR this summer (in advance of the JavaOne
> timeframe), so please let me know before the end of June if you wish
> to be listed as a supporter.
> Please also feel free to send us any suggestions you might have with
> regard to the content of the JSR. We may not be able to accommodate
> more than minor comments before submission of the JSR. However, the
> the final content of Java EE 8 will of course be discussed and decided
> as part of the normal Expert Group processes once the new group is
> underway.
> Again, regardless of whether or not you have comments, please let me
> know if you'd like to be listed as a supporter of this JSR.
> Thanks!
> Linda