[jsr342-experts] Re: JSR 236

From: Bill Shannon <bill.shannon_at_oracle.com>
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2013 13:20:52 -0800

Werner Keil wrote on 02/11/13 12:57:
> > * Support propagation or creation of new CDI contexts for tasks,
> > mapping section 2.3 to CDI contexts as appropriate (looks to me like
> > just the application context)
> Yes, defining the CDI context for tasks is an open issue. And yes,
> for now, it looks like they have only application context.
> +1
> At the moment, 236 has some strange interface called "ContextService", but it
> has nothing to do with CDI or Context in the sense of it.
> Its purpose is documented as * The ContextService provides methods for creating
> dynamic proxy objects
> So as a gut feeling, I probably would have called it ConcurrencyService rather
> than ContextService, given the only context it means to interact is the good old
> InitialContext ctx = new InitialContext();
> of JNDI.

We're running out of words to describe these things, but "context" seems
appropriate here. In addition to the naming context, it also covers the
security context and the class loader context.

> Most of it feels a bit "dusty", glad, a few of these surfaces may get a bit
> cleaner and better integrated with today's EE, and maybe others have to be
> addressed in the next version?

We blew off as much dust as we could for this release. There will always
be opportunities to make it better!