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From: Kristoffer Sjögren <kristoffer.sjogren_at_ericsson.com>
Date: Mon, 15 Aug 2011 13:07:38 +0200


I support the suggestion of pruning the candidates listed below.


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In Java EE 6 we introduced into the Java EE platform a notion of "pruning" -- following a process defined by the Java SE platform -- whereby a technology is identified in one release of the platform as a potential candidate for being made optional in a subsequent release.
The details for this are described in section EE.6.1.3 of the Java EE
6 Platform specification.

In Java EE 6 we identified the following technologies as candidates for pruning, marking them as "Proposed Optional":
   Java EE Deployment
   EJB Entity Beans

The EJB Expert Group has already been strongly supportive of the proposal to "prune" (i.e., to designate as Optional) EJB Entity Beans, and the specification lead has produced a separate specification document, "EJB Optional Features" to reflect this expectation.

The decision to prune a feature from the platform, retain it as a required feature, or to leave it in the "Proposed Optional" state, however, is a decision of the Platform Expert Group.

To avoid any backtracking on the part of EJB 3.2, I would prefer to decide at this point which of the Proposed Optional technologies listed above should be designated as Optional as of Java EE 7. We would prefer that all of you express a position on this so that we can best evaluate the extent to which there is consensus.

I should also mention that some of the expert groups have been discussing potential candidates for marking "Proposed Optional" in Java EE 7, but are still in the early stages of gathering information.
I suggest we defer any decisions regarding new proposed optional features until later in the process, but recommendations are of course welcome at any stage.