[jsr342-experts] Support for the Platform as a Service model

From: Linda DeMichiel <linda.demichiel_at_oracle.com>
Date: Wed, 25 May 2011 11:24:24 -0700


As described in our JSR proposal, http://jcp.org/en/jsr/proposalDetails?id=342,
the main theme for Java EE 7 is enabling the Java EE Platform for use
in the cloud.

We'd like to kick off our technical work with a discussion of what is
entailed in terms of the Java EE 7 Platform's support for the Platform
as a Service model (PaaS) and support for multi-tenancy.

As a starting point, we've prepared the attached document to facilitate
the discussion. This document addresses several aspects that need your

  - It attempts to establish a common terminology for our discussions;

  - It attempts to characterize how the "roles" distinguished by the
    Java EE Platform might be expanded to support PaaS;

  - It describes a variety of PaaS scenarios that we believe we should support;

  - It expands upon the issue of multi-tenant use of PaaS applications in
    terms of support for a limited form of SaaS, and what might be entailed
    by support for such use.

We would appreciate if you would review this document in detail and post
your feedback -- both on the general direction indicated, and on the
specifics. There are also a number of issues flagged in the text. We
realize that some of these will require further exploration in order
to be resolved, but of course please feel free to post feedback on any
of these as well.