[interceptors-spec users] Fwd: [jsr366-experts] Interceptor spec MR

From: Linda DeMichiel <>
Date: Tue, 23 Feb 2016 15:58:17 -0800

I've undertaken a cleanup of the Interceptors spec.
There are some open issues that could use your feedback.
Please post either to this project or to the Java EE spec
users list (



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Subject: [jsr366-experts] Interceptor spec MR
Date: Tue, 23 Feb 2016 15:54:48 -0800
From: Linda DeMichiel <>
Organization: Oracle Corporation

One of the things I've been working on lately is a cleanup of the
Interceptors spec.

The intent here is not to change the semantics of the Interceptors 1.2
spec, but to clarify a number of areas that appeared to me somewhat
confusing. I've also flagged several open issues that we need to
either resolve or explicitly specify as portability concerns.

I would appreciate if you would read the document in its entirety, and
weigh in on the open issues. Also, if you believe that I have
inadvertantly changed the semantics of the spec, please let me know,
as that was not my intent.

You can download the document here:

The document has change-bars that reflect a superset of all changes.
Since this work has also entailed some minor reorganization, the
change-bars are not particularly helpful.

Once I get feedback on the open issues (and I find time to write some
more extensive examples for the spec), I plan to circulate another
draft in advance of submitting an MR. My expectation is that this
would be an "errata MR" (Rev A) as I am not planning any API changes.