[interceptors-spec users] Interceptors 1.2 MR candidate is available for the final review

From: Marina Vatkina <>
Date: Thu, 11 Apr 2013 18:20:17 -0700

For those of you who follow the Interceptors 1.2 MR,

I have uploaded what is hopefully the final MR candidate, to the
Interceptors download page: Update of 0411 with change bars

The latest javadoc: javadoc MR candidate

As you all read the email titled "Issues with interceptors bound to a
component lifecycle callback", you know why the Interceptors MR did not
become final when it was originally planned. The exact changes for the
removal of support for lifecycle callback method interceptors can be
found in a diff version: Changes to revert support of lifecycle-c
allback method-level interceptors

The current version also include some fixed typos and editorial changes
to clearly list constructor-level interceptors whenever method-level
interceptors are discussed (if applicable).

Pete, please forward to the CDI EG.

Any review comments must be submitted by the Monday (04/15) to be included.