[interceptors-spec users] Interceptors spec 1.2 DRAFT2 is available for review

From: Marina Vatkina <>
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2013 12:19:44 -0800


You can now review the 2nd draft of the Interceptors spec. This version
incorporates most of the review comments and the AroundConstruct
interceptor. The full list of changes is below (the change log at the
end of the document is an accumulative list).

The draft:
The diff from draft1:

Please review it (AroundConstruct) in particular ASAP.

Pete, please forward it to the CDI EG.

The list of changes as found in the revision history:

- Fixed page numbers in the book
- Minor editorial changes
- Moved Section 5.6 to the end of Chapter 5
- Moved rule on invocation order of interceptors with superclasses to
Section 5.3
- Replaced rules on the Nonbinding annotation with references to the CDI
- Clarified that an around-invoke interceptor method, around-timeout
interceptor method, and lifecycle callback interceptor methods for
different lifecycle events may be defined on the same interceptor class
- Added the AroundConstruct lifecycle callback interceptor
- Extended InvocationContext with getConstructor method; adjusted rules
on the InvocationContext.getTarget return value, and
InvocationContext.proceed result
- Added notes to the around-invoke and around-timeout about the throw
Exception clause in their signatures
- Added a not that transaction context of interceptors may be changed by
transactional interceptors in the invocation chain
- Explained how interceptors are enabled

Happy reading,