ORB PRD (or is it PCD?) items

This includes some items that are targeted for OpenJDK 7 (see targets with jplan ids), even though they do not directly contribute to GFv3, because they take time to handle by the same team (Harsha and me at this point).
Item ID Priority Description Justification GlassFish Issue
ORB-01 P1 Re-package ORB to fit V3 Modular architecture

Work in progress now.  ORB is already in reasonable modules. Work:
  • Force GF to use ONLY com.sun.corba.spi packages (requires moving ORBConstants to spi package)
  • Should ORB library use a different package?
  • Re-package ASM as an GFv3 module (version?)
  • Add dependency on Grizzly module
  • Also support import of ASM and Grizzly source with repackage for OpenJDK target
  • Set up ORB as GFv3 modules exported to maven (what needs to go in the jar file?)
Theme: Modular architecture 4072
ORB-02 P2 ORB on Grizzly

This is Harsha's current work (as of January 2008).  
Theme: High Performance 4073
ORB-03 P2 New transport connection cache

Move to the version from Grizzly.
Theme: High Performance 4074
ORB-04 P3 ORB and CSIv2 use Grizzly SSL support Theme: High Performance 4075
ORB-05 P3 Move ORB to hudson-based continuous integration model

Have start of this.  Remaining:
  • Create ANT targets for xml report from findbugs.
  • Create ANT targets for xml report from emma.
  • Modify ORB test suites to run under junit with XML reports (is this part of the runner or the ant task?)
  • Split hudson project into separate build-test projects for parallelization.
  • Add CORBA SQE tests
  • Add GlassFish ORB integration, EJB quicklook tests (This requires EJB container in GFv3).
  • Add RMI-IIOP CTS tests
  • Set up pn Kohsuke's Hudson setup (where is this: need info from Kohsuke).
Internal quality 4076
ORB-06 P3 Improve ORB monitoring

This involves moving the ORB monitoring to JMX (using annotation-driven MxBean-like facility) and extending it to all internal state of the ORB.
Theme: ease of use 4077
ORB-07 P3 Make ORB configuration dynamic

Leverage RFM for this:
  • Suspend processing
  • re-start/re-configure transport, etc.
  • Resume processing
Theme: ease of use 4078
ORB-08 P2 Integrate GlassFish ORB with OpenJDK

  • Embed ASM and Grizzly (renamed)
  • Replace copyright headers
  • Copy all source files into OpenJDK CORBA workspace
  • Integrate CORBA GFv3 ant build with the OpenJDK makefile build
http://jplan.sfbay/feature/644 4079
ORB-09 P2 Add enum support to OpenJDK ORB

  • Done in GFv3
http://jplan.sfbay/feature/645 4080
ORB-10 P2 Add proxy support to OpenJDK ORB

  • Done in GFv3 ORB
  • Need to start OMG work (if possible)
http://jplan.sfbay/feature/646 4081
ORB-11 P2 Replace rmic IIOP backend with new implementation
  • This is required because the current rmic uses unsupported JDK compiler classes dating back to Java 1.2.
http://jplan.sfbay/feature/288 4082
ORB-12 P4 Parallel marshalling work

I've removed this from V3, as clearly I won't be putting it into the release.
ORB-13 P3 More performance work

This is a general umbrella for request processing performance improvements.  Possible examples:
  • Look at integrated ORB/EJB request processing
  • more profile-driven optimization work
  • Continue work on RepositoryID cleanup and caching
Theme: performance 4083
ORB-14 P3 Fix more findbugs issues

This is based on the ORB report, which will be part of the hudson run.
Internal quality 4084
ORB-15 P3 Support CSIv2 with RMI-IIOP failover and loadbalancing Known defect; should be fixed, time permitting (may take significant time to fix) 2791
ORB-16 P3 Improve logging

  • Provide more than just stack trace for marshaling errors
  • Handle non-CORBA exceptions
  • It would be nice (NOT just CORBA) to support hide/reveal on stack traces
Theme: ease of use 4085
ORB-17 P3 Add object category for transaction support Only required for JTA 4086
ORB-18 P3 Add idempotent EJB support Feature Parity

(Only if EJB plans to implement)
ORB-19 P3 Improve HW load balancer suppoer Theme: ease of use

(Only if admin is interested in doing this)
ORB-20 P3 Add addressing domain support

This is useful for inside/outside firewall configurations
Some customer interest in this (may have been AmEx?) 4089
ORB-21 P3 Support request prioritization

This is mostly done through the old request partitioning work.
Some ORB modifications would be needed to manage prioritzed thread pools or queues in the Grizzly-based transport.
Only if Sahoo requires this in GFv3. Also related to issue 3205 (customer request for general resource prioritization) NOT NOW