Contents of maven repository

From: Ken Cavanaugh <Ken.Cavanaugh_at_Sun.COM>
Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2008 18:31:06 -0800

I'm looking into some issues around how to re-organize the CORBA build to
fit the GFv3 model.  Most of this is not too hard, because most of the correct structure is
already in place.  Harsha and I just need to do some work to integrate with
the maven repository.

I have a couple of questions:

Should we use the Maven repository to handle build time dependencies as well as runtime ones?
CORBA has the following dependencies:

Build-time only:
Testing only:
Of the above packages, only Grizzly is currently available in the maven repository, assuming that is the correct URL for the repository.

The glassfish-corba project will also produce two modules:
How do I generate an appropriate jar manifest for an HK2 module without using maven?
Is this documented somewhere? 
I see that the ManifestConstants class defines some of what I need to know,
but is there a good example somewhere, and a bit of overall discussion on how this works?
Do I need to implement the ModuleStartup interface? 
If so, when is it invoked, and why?
How does this relate to the LifecyclePolicy interface?

In general, a lot of the hk2 discussion assumes that a module is built using Maven 2.
This may not be true of all modules.  CORBA in particular has a complex build with multiple
code generators that generate java code.  While it is probably possible to re-cast the
CORBA build into the Maven form, it would be a significant effort, and I'm not sure it's
worthwhile.  I also MUST be able to build the ORB from the same source for OpenJDK,
which supports ant, but not maven.

I don't think these questions are answered by the document.
Is there another more comprehensive document I should consult?
Or perhaps it's time to read the hk2 source code?