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ADF Bindings, Part 2

Independent Practice


In this independent practice, you test yourself by building an application that accesses the ADF binding layer from Java.


For this practice, create a page that includes:

  • A table of all employees
  • A form for adding a new employee to the table
  • A submit button on the form. When clicked, the button must:
    • Commit the new employee record
    • Filter the table of employees to show employees who are in the department of the employee you just added
    • Refresh the table to show only those employees


Your code should be in a single method in a backing bean. You need to access an action binding for the commit and an action binding to call ExecuteWithParams to execute a where clause or view criteria to filter the data. Remember, you will need to pass in the departmentID of the newly created employee. Finally you need to refresh the table UI component.


Click here to watch Frank Nimphius walk you through a solution.

Time to Complete: 1 hour