Step by Step Page Flows

Last Updated 19-Feb-2004

General Description

The step by step flow is a used for a linear process where a task can be presented as a series of steps. The flow varies depending on the number of steps in the process or task. This guideline contains flow examples for:

Guideline Attributes

Spec Version # - 3.1
Spec Contributors - Betsy Beier, Mervyn Dennehy, Lisa Serface, Craig Louis
UI Models - all models
Example Products - all products
Related Guidelines - 3(+) Step by Step Template, 2 Step Process Template, 1 Step Transaction Template, Overview Page Template, Home Page Template, Confirmation (Messaging) Template, Locator Element: Train, Intra-Application Navigation

Interaction and Usage Specifications

3 or More Step Flow

Interaction Notes

3(+) Steps Flow Examples

Step by Step Page Flow with Overview Page

Step by Step Page Flow without an Overview Page

Step by Step Page Flow with a Drill Down Page (one level)

Step by Step Page Flow for Process Within Process
Please refer to the Intra-Application Navigation guideline, Process Within Process section for more details and examples of this function.

Step by Step Page Flow with Extended Train

Example of Data Dependencies When Jumping Backwards

In the following example, the user advances to step 5, jumps back to step 2, and changes data that affects dependent data in step 3. As a result the user cannot jump forward to steps 4 or 5, but is forced to go to step 3. The flow includes both an inline Warning and a Warning page to inform users of the constraint.

2 Step Flow

Interaction Notes

2 Step Flow Example

2 Step Process Flow with Object List Template

1 Step Flow

Interaction Notes

1 Step Flow Example

1 Step Transaction Flow

Visual Specifications

See template guidelines for details about the individual page templates. From that guideline, see the individual components for detailed visual specifications.

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