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Last Updated 09.28.03

General Description

Quick Links are used for long pages that have clearly defined sections of contents within a page. The quick link "bar" (group of anchor links) provides an overview to the user of the sections of content within a page, some of this content may be scrolled off the bottom of the page. Each quick link in the quick link "bar" is a link that allows the user to "jump to" a specific section of the page contents quickly. At each section heading, there is a quick way to return to the top.

Guideline Attributes

Spec Version # - 3.1
Spec Contributors - Betsy Beier, Lisa Serface
UI Models - all models
Example Products - all products
Related Guidelines - Page Templates, Common Navigation Guideline, Header Component

Interaction and Usage Specifications

General Principles

Quick Link Usage In Page Templates

Quick Link Flow

Below is a flow schematic of a quick link selected in the quick link bar, and then the reciprocal return to top link selected. (Note: This does not illustrate other locator elements in this schematic, just quick links.)
Note: When Quicklinks anchor to sections with hide/show on section headers, the user is jumped to section. If that section's hide/show is 'closed' by default, the hide/show for that section does not automatically open. These are 2 independent controls.

Visual Specifications

Visual Principles

Quick Link Layout and Measurements

Quick Link Bar, Separator Line and Return to Top link Relationships

Quick Link Measurements
This is an measurement and layout diagram of some quick links in a quick link bar.

Return to Top Link Measurements
This is an measurement and layout diagram of some quick links in a quick link bar.

Vertical Placement of Quick Links and Other Components

For detailed vertical placement of quick links within a page see Component Order guideline for complete list of the vertical order of all components.

Quick Link Examples

Example of Quick Link "bar" and return to top on an Overview Page Template
This is an example of quick links on an overview page template.

Example of Maximum Number of Quick Links in Quick Link "Bar", with Individual Links Wrapping to 2 Lines
This is an example of the maximum number of quick links that should be in a quick link bar. This also shows the text label of a quick link can wrap to two lines for more horizontal space.
recommended max number of quick links with text wrapping

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