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Reviewer's Guide: Oracle Application Server 10g Standard Edition One
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Overview: Oracle Application Server 10g Standard Edition One

Businesses of all sizes are facing increasing pressures to be more competitive, efficient, and transparent, offer superior customer service, and comply with various government mandates. The shift of applications to an Internet computing model is creating new opportunities, as well as competition from non-traditional sources. To be nimble and respond to these challenges and opportunities, businesses are looking for a flexible application platform, often referred to as an Application Platform Suite (APS), with which they can easily develop, deploy, secure, manage, and access flexible business applications and services.

Oracle Application Server 10g offers the industry's most mature, most comprehensive, and most cohesive standards-based Application Platform Suite. As the only platform designed for grid computing and providing full Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) life-cycle support, Oracle Application Server gives you unmatched scalability, availability, manageability, and security. It is used today by over 20,000 customers and is supported by an extensive ecosystem of ISVs and resellers. Oracle Application Server 10g Standard Edition One is a complete Web solution for smaller organizations and is a key component in the Oracle Fusion Middleware product family.

Oracle Application Server 10g Standard Edition One provides the same mission-critical functionality of this proven technology, but is tailored to enable small businesses and departments to roll out solutions quickly using pre-built functionality that reduces development time and simplifies maintenance and operations. Oracle Application Server 10g Standard Edition One brings smaller organizations the following key features:

  • Instant Information Sharing. Improve productivity by enabling employees to collaborate, publish content, and share information and documents using an out-of-the-box corporate portal.
  • Complete Web Site. Rapidly build and deploy Web sites for employees, customers, and business partners and get up and running on the Internet using simple and easy tools such as servlets, PHP, and Perl.
  • Easy Development. Build and deploy custom applications quickly with an easy-to-use Java and Web services development tool and a J2EE application server. 
  • Simplified Management. Do all of this without hiring additional staff thanks to simpler installation, configuration, management, and easy user tools.
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