Best Practices for Enterprise Manager 12c Plug-in

This page contains recommendations on simplifying the deployment of TimesTen Enterprise Manager 12c plug-in for TimesTen database monitoring.

Use EM12c Self Update to simplify plug-in installation

The TimesTen plug-in can be installed manually by downloading the plug-in from OTN and then importing it into the software library, or by using the new EM 12c Self Update feature. The Self Update feature downloads and installs the latest TimesTen plug-in directly from the Enterprise Manager Store. EM users can also upgrade to a newer release of the plug-in using Self Update, whenever an updated version becomes available. Self Update is the recommended method for installing the TimesTen plug-in in Enterprise Manager 12c.

Load database into memory before configuring a target

Before Enterprise Manager can monitor a TimesTen database, a TimesTen Target must be created. Each target must be added manually using the "Add Targets Manually" option under the Setup menu. When defining a target, it is required that the TimesTen database being monitored is loaded into memory. Also the credential of a TimesTen database user with ADMIN privilege (not the TimesTen instance administrator) must be used for the configuration of the target.

For more information, please refer to the section Configure a TimesTen target in the EM12c Plug-in User's Guide.

Set up Preferred Credential to enable transaction monitoring

The transaction monitor allows EM users to monitor the current transactions and lock activities in a TimesTen database. In order for this feature to be able to monitor all TimesTen database activities, the preferred credential for the TimesTen target must be set up using the credential of the TimesTen instance administrator.

For more information, please refer to the section Setting preferred credentials for a target in the EM12c Plug-in User's Guide.

Recreate TimesTen target to remove historic metrics

When a TimesTen database is destroyed and recreated, historic metrics from the previous database are not automatically removed. This means EM will display statistics for that target from both the current and previous databases. To remove the old statistics, users must drop and recreate the TimesTen target.

For more information, please refer to the section Remove the TimesTen Target in the EM12c Plug-in User's Guide.