Using TimesTen with Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g

The Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database Plug-In is deployed as part of an Oracle Enterprise Manager Agent, running on the server on which the TimesTen database resides. The Oracle TimesTen Plugin provides the users the ability to monitor system information, TimesTen database configuration, and performance statistics.  Configuration information and performance statistics are captured at user-defined intervals. The captured information are periodically uploaded and stored in the Oracle Enterprise Manager repository database. Users can monitor the information with the built-in screens, or generate reports using the flexible Enterprise Manager report wizard.

TimesTen SQL Operation Reports

The TimesTen plug-in captures TimesTen database configuration information and collects performance metrics for key areas including: cache, checkpoints, connections, locks, memory, replication, transactions, and workloads.

The TimesTen Plug-in is free of charge for customers with TimesTen product license.

Download the latest TimesTen EM Plugin here.

TimesTen and EM Plug-In Demos Online

EM Plugin Demo 1
This demo shows how to install the TimesTen EM Plug-In.

EM Plugin Demo 2
This demo shows how to view Oracle Enterprise Manager reports and metrics for a TimesTen host machine.

EM Plugin Demo 3
This demo shows shows how to create a custom TimesTen EM report.

EM Plugin Demo 4
This demo shows how to undeploy the TimesTen EM Plug-In.

For the latest update of the TimesTen Plugin release and functionality, please visit the TimesTen EM Plugin website.