Installing Oracle Clusterware and TimesTen

The installation and configuration tasks for both Oracle Clusterware and TimesTen are distinct and different.
This section describes how to install Oracle Clusterware and TimesTen.

1. Install Oracle Clusterware on the cluster nodes

1. Install Oracle Clusterware Install Oracle Clusterware according to the instructions in the installation guide for the platform you are using.

Oracle Clusterware starts automatically after a successful installation.
2. Verify all of the steps Make sure that the Cluster Verify Utility is used to confirm that all nodes are properly configured for Oracle Clusterware during the pre and post installation steps.

If Oracle Clusterware is not installed and configured correctly, then the TimesTen ttCWAdmin -create utility will not work correctly.


2. Install TimesTen 11.2.2 on the cluster nodes

1. Install TimesTen 11.2.2 on each node Use the TimesTen installer to install TimesTen on each node where Oracle Clusterware was installed.

The TimesTen installer prompts you to indicate if you want to install TimesTen replication with Oracle Clusterware. It prompts you for the path into which to install the Oracle Clusterware installation and the port number for the TimesTen Clusterware agent. The install also checks for any nodes where the Oracle Clusterware is currently configured and prompts you to specify a node list for TimesTen replication with Oracle Clusterware.
2. Use same config on each node Install TimesTen as the same OS user and in the same location on each node.

Although you do not need to install TimesTen using the same OS user as Oracle Clusterware, doing so will simplify the administration.
3. Add clusterware specific parameters When Timesten is to be used with Oracle Clusterware, the following Oracle Clusterware specific parameters must to be added either as part of the install or via ttModinstall:
  • TCP Port (the port used by the TimesTen Cluster Agent)
  • crsHome (the absolute path where Oracle Clusterware was installed)
  • hosts (the list of hosts to be managed by Oracle Clusterware)
TimesTen starts automatically after a successful installation.

For more information about TimesTen installation refer to the documentation here