Configuration and Setup

This area provides tutorials on how to properly create and configure TimesTen databases, user accounts and privileges, starting and stopping TimesTen database processes, and other database operations. After configuring and creating a TimesTen database, you will learn how to use the TimesTen database as an Application-Tier Database Cache for caching Oracle database tables. You will learn how to configure a cache grid with different types of cache groups (read, read/write, pre-loaded, loaded on demand, etc.). You will also learn how to configure TimesTen Replication to achieve high availability in the application tier, and how to configure your TimesTen Cache database with a Java EE Application Server and OR mapping tools. Let's get started:

1. Getting Started with TimesTen Database

2. Configuring TimesTen Application-Tier Database Cache

3. Configuring Replication between TimesTen Databases

4. Configuring Java EE Application Servers to work with TimesTen

5. Using TimesTen with Oracle SQL Developer

6. Using TimesTen with Oracle Enterprise Manager