Modeling Web Services

You can use JDeveloper's UML modeling capability to create a visual representation of a web service on a class diagram. You can create a modeled web service directly onto a class diagram, add an existing web service to a class diagram, or create a modeled web service from a class on a class diagram. In each case, the files that implement the web service -- the WSDL document, deployment information and Java interface to the web service -- are the same as those created using the web services wizards, and they are automatically updated as you update the modeled web service.

You can create J2EE style web services for deployment to Oracle Application Server, or SOAP web services for deployment to the Oracle SOAP server on Oracle Application Server.

This section contains:

For information about debugging your web service once you have created it, see Debugging Web Services.

For information about deploying your finished web service, see Deploying Web Services.

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