About Oracle ADF Data Controls

Oracle ADF data controls provide an abstraction of the business service's data model. The ADF data controls provide a consistent mechanism for clients and web application controllers to access data and actions defined by these diverse data-provider technologies:

For most of these, the data controls are implemented by a thin layer of adapter classes. The exception is ADF Business Components technology, which implements the data controls directly in the component classes.

Oracle ADF data controls are represented on the Data Control Palette, where they can be added to the view as UI controls or to the controller as operations.

The remainder of this section provides an overview of the base features of the data controls provided and the following definitions apply:

Business Object Access Services

The business object access services include built-in ADF framework support for binding to data collections and business objects using a business service or a business object. The business object access services are:

Transaction Services

The transaction services include built-in ADF model layer support for mutating business objects. Please note that the ADF model transaction services do not provide a transaction system itself. Instead, the ADF model transaction services provide a notification system that individual ADF data controls integrate with. The presence of a notification system allows custom Oracle ADF data controls to be created that can integrate a model transaction service with the Oracle ADF model layer. The transaction services are:

State Management Services

The state management services include built-in ADF model layer support for managing ADF data control user state. The state management services are:

For information about the specific data controls available for different business service technologies, see the following topics:

For further details about the design time for working with the Oracle ADF model layer and the code generated by the design time, see the related topics list below.

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