Release Notes for Oracle Designer and Oracle SCM
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Release Notes for Oracle Designer and Oracle SCM

Release 4.10

Oracle Internet Developer Suite

April 2004

This document contains important information about installing and operating Oracle Designer and Oracle SCM for Windows. This information supersedes any similar information in the online documentation.

Oracle6i Designer release 4.10 is certified against Oracle iDS

For the latest information about product availability and support, product alerts, certifications, bugs and patches, visit OracleMetaLink (

If you print out this document, we recommend that you use landscape page format, so that long lines of text (such as command line inputs) are not truncated.

Installing this release

After you have read these release notes, install this release as described on the OracleMetaLink download site ( Set up the repository as described in the Oracle SCM Repository Configuration Guide.

Before following the installation instructions, please read the rest of these release notes.

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