CoherenceTM v3.1.3
Copyright© 2000-2006 by Tangosol, Inc.


Coherence Core Contains classes providing cache persistence of serialized objects. Contains Sleepycat Berkeley DB BinaryStore implementation classes. Contains classes related to J2SE 1.4 NIO functionality. Contains basic cluster interfaces and factories. Contains classes providing various caching strategies. Contains classes related to the Coherence Management Framework. Contains interfaces and classes related to partitioned services. Contains classes related to the Coherence Security Framework. Contains classes providing Java 2 Connector Architecture functionality. Contains classes providing basic XML related functionality.
com.tangosol.util Contains various generic utilities.
com.tangosol.util.aggregator Contains concrete InvocableMap.EntryAggregator implementations.
com.tangosol.util.comparator Contains concrete Comparator implementations and related interfaces.
com.tangosol.util.extractor Contains ValueExtractor and ValueUpdater related classes.
com.tangosol.util.filter Contains concrete Filter implementations and related interfaces.
com.tangosol.util.processor Contains concrete InvocableMap.EntryProcessor implementations.


com.tangosol.coherence.servlet Contains classes related to the HTTP Session Replication Module. Contains Coherence*Web MBean classes.


com.tangosol.coherence.jms Contains Coherence JMS adapter Message-Driven EJB classes. Contains Coherence JMS adapter factory classes.


Coherence Cache Providers
com.tangosol.coherence.hibernate Contains classes related to the Coherence Cache Provider for Hibernate.
com.tangosol.coherence.weblogic Contains classes related to the Coherence Cache Provider for WebLogic Portal.


Coherence Work Manager
com.tangosol.coherence.commonj Contains Coherence-based WorkManager implementation classes.


Tangosol Coherence™ API Specification.

Tangosol Coherence™ is a JCache-compliant in-memory caching and data management solution for clustered Java applications.

Tangosol Coherence™ makes sharing and managing data in a cluster as simple as on a single JVM using Java Collection classes. It accomplishes this by coordinating updates to the data using cluster-wide concurrency control, distributing or replicating data modifications across the cluster using the highest performing clustered protocol available, and delivering notifications of data modifications to any cluster nodes that request them. Developers can easily take advantage of Coherence features using the standard Java Collection API to access and modify data, and the standard JavaBean event model to receive data change notifications.

To get started with Tangosol Coherence™, please see the JavaDoc for CacheFactory.

CoherenceTM v3.1.3
Copyright© 2000-2006 by Tangosol, Inc.